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Commerce & Investment Law Group (CILG)

Legal Services Consultant, Cambodia

About CILG


Commerce & Investment Law Group (CILG) was first known as Commerce & Investment Law Office ( CILO) formed up since 2006 in accordance with the law of the Kingdom of Cambodia and has been developed from an individual law office to a Law Firm with a several numbers of professional and skillful Lawyers up to the Present in which CILG has been known by many Banking Industries and Corporate Institutions internally and internationally.

CILG provides a full-time flexible legal services which is able to serve the needs of business and the solving of your corporate and individual legal needs.

To achieve the clients’ goal and efficient issue settlement, all of your legal matter and needs are always handled and provided directly with high qualification professional experienced lawyers with full of capacity, credibility, integrity, liability and commitment is CILG's top policy!

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