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Fundergo Limited

Fintech Consultant, Hong Kong

About Fundergo


Based in Hong Kong, Fundergo is a Fintech platform, which connect loan borrowers to lenders according to their borrowing needs. The platform aims to provide a fair and efficient marketplace to both Borrowers and Funders in dealing with financing activities. Fundergo system is connecting to over 100 funding partners, it covers loan application in several locations including Cambodia, Hong Kong, Japan, UK, Australia and other countries. 

Loan applicants can compare the interest rates, fees and borrowing terms among different lenders, as well as look for the best option outside their usual connections. This Fintech platform speed up the whole application process and enhance the approval rate of loan applications.

Different from other platforms, which only serve as a portal linking to websites of financial institutions, Fundergo serve our clients from loan application to loan drawdown. We provide a system with user interfaces to both Borrowers and Lenders, all processes from loan application, risk assessment, to credit approval can be done at Fundergo system. 

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