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Meridian International Holding (MIH)

Property Development Consultant, Hong Kong / Cambodia

About MIH

关于 MIH

Meridian International Holding是一家有30多年历史的综合型跨国公司。 MIH 从纺织制衣业起家,公司业务目前囊括住宅﹑商业和工业地产开发﹑资产管理及投资。

MIH 的管理结构,从规划,材料采购和施工一直到项目监控,销售和物业管理。这是我们成功的关键,可在最短的可行时间内以最优质的方式发展我们的业务,并且最有效地利用资源,为客户提供一流的服务。

MIH 的房地产开发团队拥有丰富的资质和经验。公司内部的建筑师,测量师,工程师,项目管理和支持团队由经验丰富的团队领袖者领导,他们拥有丰富的高质量房地产项目的开发记录。公司的合作团队包括在全球范围广受认可和尊敬的承包商,建筑师和设计师,所有人合力打造出世界一流的产品。

MIH is committed to a continual improvement of our products and services by leveraging on new technology platforms as well as the implementation of efficient and innovation solutions to stay ahead of the curve. Driven by its Motto “What is you see what you get” and powered by an experienced and dynamic team, the MIH brand is set to soar even higher in the years to come.


Flatiron by Meridian
Will be handovered in 2021, the integrated high-rise building with Grade A office, retails and Citadines Apartment Hotel at the heart of Phnom Penh City Center.

Skylar by Meridian

Handover Completed in 2018, the “game-changing” development comprised of normal residential unit and Somerset service apartment in Cambodia luxury hospitality & residential market.

Casa by Meridian

Handover Completed in 2017, the first modern luxury mixed-use development completed on Diamond Island

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